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Every visitor along with the accomodation need to visit the nearby places where he goes we at blossom resorts Kausani arrange the tour package ,the beautiful places One can have a panoramic view of the snowy peaks of Himalayas on any clear day and in addition a glimpse of the township with it’s tiled roofed houses and paved streets Besides these heart-stopping views, Kausani offers The crisp air is laden with the scent of pines. Tea gardens and pear orchards dot the landscape while the summer months see a profusion of wild flowers in the valleys. while the rivers Gomti and Kosi flank the town.

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Anashakti Ashram

Mahatma Gandhi, who spent 12 days in 1929 at Kausani, penned his memorable commentary on the Gita-Ana-Shakti Yoga inspired by the scenic grandeur of this richly gifted spot. The guest house where the Mahatma stayed is now known as the Anashakti Ashram. Gandhi JI wrote his commentary on Anashkti Yog, called ‘Geeta-Anashakti-Yog’. Though this ashram has now been converted into a study cum research center, an accommodation facility with 24 rooms is still available. This place is worth a visit due to its historical connections with Mahatma Gandhi and a study of Anashkti Yog.

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Pant Museum

Hindi poet laureate Sumitra Nandan Pant was born at Kausani. Some of his early poems composed here have described nature in its myriad manifestations. Pant Museum, the birth place of famous Hindi-Poet Sumitra Nandan Pant, is another place worth visiting in Kausani. It has a gallery, especially built in the memory of Pant, with a collection of over hundreds of English and Hindi books, displayed in glass shelves. The museum is, indeed, an interesting place for literature lovers, where they can enjoy the beauty of literature amidst beautiful surroundings. A poetry conference is organized in this museum every year, to mark the birth anniversary of Pant, with many famous poets participating in it.

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Tea garden

Kausani is famous for its beauty and Tea garden One place that any tourist must visit on a trip to Kausani is its famous tea garden, called Giria Uttaranchal Tea Estate. It is located 5 km from the town, on the Bageshwar Road, perched 1200 to 1800 m above sea level. The tea garden of Kausani is being developed as a tea-base for the entire state. The tea produced here is rich in flavor and of export quality. Kausani is the only place away from the traditional tea plantation areas in India that produce organic orthodox tea. This high-flavored tea is exported to many countries, including Australia, Germany, Korea and the US.

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Rudradhari Temple and Water Fall

Rudradhari temple is the nearest temple from Pratiksha Himalayan Retreat, Kausani,Uttarakhand .Rudradhari temple is one of the most fascinating places of the kumaon region. its specilities is its rock which looks like God Shiva and its water-fall. this temple is always center of attraction for tourists because of its water fall.

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Lakshmi Ashram

Lakshmi Ashram was established in 1964, by Catherine Hillman, a disciple of Mahatma Gandhi who later became famous as Sarlaben. The ashram works for the progress of Kumaoni women, helping them become self-dependent. In the ashram, the women are taught several skills, like growing vegetables, cooking, caring for the animals and cleaning. The basic purpose of Lakshmi Ashram is to provide Kumaoni women a safe shelter and equip them with basic skills to lead an independent life. Many orphaned girls and woman live in the ashram. It is situated in a serene atmosphere atop the hills. This place would be worth a visit, if you are interested in social service and charity.